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If you want to say I had a dream
I guess you could
Back when it was against the law

Not the one you know
That was a result of what I saw.

In the beginning
What I wanted
Was what we all need

There were no questions.
No food for egos to feed.

But I don't want to talk about that time
Because I think about it
All of the time.


I was on the run for so long
Start to feel like chasing
Something I'd never find

I can't erase what I did
But I accept it
Most of the time

How will you remember me
When will I be free
At least in my mind.


On my 20th birthday
18 years ago today

I climbed under a train
Left my nothing
Had to get away.

One thing about me
I never gave up

I could do anything
But my anything was never enough
Until I found
That went
A little like this:

On the day
President Clinton
Took the oath
I was in a flea market
Looking for wigs
And a toy gun

It was robbery
I had in my mind

Not a knockoff job
But one of a kind

There was a post office
Down the street

And since I was
Quick on my feet
I might not have to
Work for weeks.



How'd I end up in politics
When it wasn't politics
That was on my mind

But all throughout history
It's how you make your money
That defines the times.

No more hypocrisy
Much bigger criminals
Will always get away

Change the leaders
It won't matter
It's the little people
That have to pay.

I guess I felt they owed me
I Rationalized

I never hurt anybody
On that point even the court took my side.

But if you don't think I know it's a crime
Remember I live with it all of the time.


I was on the run for so long
That when they captured me
I surrendered willingly

Confessed to all my crimes
Yet they treated me
Like a king's mortal enemy

What if when I walk outta here
I'm not the same man
I used to be

Would you believe in me?
Who will I be?
When they're through with me.